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Our specialist cleaning team will achieve results to satisfy all legislation, increase efficiency of equipment, and prolong its lifespan.

Extraction Cleaning

Over 80% of kitchens extract ducts in the UK are never cleaned and are, therefore, in a hazardous state. – FACT

Insurance companies now demand you have a professional accredited company deep clean & certify your full extraction system at least every 12 months. – FACT

Ventilation ductwork is the focus of a barrage of legislation, but it also makes good business sense to keep it clean. Why not utilise our expertise and advice in a free no obligation quote?

The potential risks associated with kitchen extract ventilation systems are now well documented. They will draw grease laden air directly from the areas above cookers, grills and fryers via the cooker hood and out to the atmosphere. The filters usually found above the fryers/stoves are designed to trap grease particles, but they can never be 100% efficient and a significant number of these grease particles will pass through into the extract system. This allows a flammable coating to form on the inside of the canopy plenum (the void behind the grease filters) in the extract ductwork and on the fan blades. These grease deposits are easily ignited by even a small flash fire on or in the fryer, hob or grill and flames and heat can then quickly spread through the building.

Regular deep cleaning of all areas is the only answer to make this safe! This work requires specialist cleaning techniques, training and equipment and should only be carried out by a professional specialist contractor and should not be left to a general cleaning contractor.

And there is no reason why this should be seen as a ‘negative’ thing – something that you have to do just to satisfy legislation. There are many long-term positives.

Apart from the health benefits and improved productivity from more comfortable staff, energy bills should fall dramatically. Ventilation fans churning around carrying the extra weight of dirt built up on their surfaces affects their efficiency and lifespan. Once they are flowing freely again it takes up to 35% less energy to make them move. Also, clean equipment lasts longer because of reduced wear and tear on bearings and motors.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

We provide specialist cleaning for full or part kitchen deep cleans in our local area Leicestershire, Rutland, Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire as well as around the UK.

In any standard kitchen cleaning regime, it is difficult to get to all those hard-to-reach areas such as the grime around the feet of prep tables, areas under sinks and in between cooking equipment, also the walls, all the floor areas and the ceilings.

KCS recognize that a commercial kitchen is such a high-pressure environment, with responsibilities to public health. But even with efficient staff it’s difficult to keep the best-run kitchen thoroughly clean with the pressures that already lie with them.

Our team have extensive experience in the hospitality trade prior to forming KCS, and working in compliance to the stringent guidelines in the food safety acts 1990 and 1995, you will be ‘wowed’ by the outcome. Working from the ceilings down, no area gets missed.

We will work with you to identify how in depth you wish your deep clean to be. A full deep clean is expected every 12 months in accordance to the food safety acts if you are responsible for a commercial kitchen, but you may wish for certain areas not to be cleaned if you are happy with how your staff currently maintain them. A kitchen deep clean can cover as much or as little of your commercial kitchen space and appliances as required. Covering areas such as walls, floors and ceilings. It can include all kitchen equipment whether gas, electric or refrigeration. Some examples; Brat pans, grills, griddles, salamanders, stoves, ovens and walk-in refrigeration and freezers. We can also cover light fittings and doors. We will form a full inventory of what is to be cleaned, and make any recommendations to ensure your kitchen meets the highest level of cleanliness possible.

KCS also recognise that the business may not have a day of closure to perform a full deep clean. We work out of business hours to suit your needs therefore no disruption is made to your day to day running.

Overall a deep clean is a good start for any new business, a good service for any established kitchen and an encouraging start for any new head chef!