Questions Answered

We are often asked a lot of the same questions, so here are a few to help you understand the current UK legislation around kitchen and extraction cleaning and certification;

  • Why do I need an extraction clean certificate?

As well as inspectors from EHO, & fire safety officers, your insurance company will now demand a certificate to prove you have had a deep clean from a professional deep cleaning specialist. KCS can provide this service for you with their extensive experience in kitchen extraction deep cleaning, along with the required certificate.

  • What is TR19?

TR19 is the industry standard guidelines and best practice document that covers the internal cleanliness of ventilation systems. Two important documents were released in 2014, DW/144 Second Edition (Specification for Sheet Metal Ductwork Low Medium and High pressure/velocity air systems); and TR/19 (Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems). Both from British & European Standards agency. These documents are important to anyone involved in the ductwork industry, and they need to be read in conjunction with the British and European Standard, BS EN 15780 (Ventilation for Buildings – Ductwork – Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems). All three of these documents relate to one or all of the topics: cleaning access, access doors and duct cleanliness.

  • How often do I need my kitchen ducting cleaned?

Insurance companies, along with industry guidelines, state how often you should have a professional deep clean.  The industry guidelines are as follows;

Up to 6 hours use per day – 12 monthly deep cleaning
6 to 10 hours per day – 6 monthly deep cleaning
10+ hours per day – 3 monthly deep cleaning

However, if you are cooking foods with high fat content, this adds to the grease being extracted and could mean a more frequent clean is needed, despite low daily use.  Always check with your insurance company what their minimum requirement is, as you policy could be invalid if not cleaned in accordance to the policy stated time frame(s).

  • Do I need a kitchen deep clean even if my staff clean up every day?

In a busy kitchen, your staff are probably doing a great job of keeping the high traffic and common use areas clean.  A kitchen deep clean goes beyond this, and gets to all the areas of a kitchen and its equipment to ensure a full sanitisation and hygienic clean is done from ceiling to floor.  We can drain your fryers, dismantle your ovens and decarbonise your flat tops.  We can get to all the corners and surfaces not able to be cleaned daily but that can harbour germs and bacteria.

  • Do I need to worry about the chemicals you will use?

We use specialist chemicals and equipment, and in our terms and conditions we clearly state the restrictions we must place on the kitchen during a clean.  This is to ensure our health and safety but also the safety of your staff and consequently your customers.  All surfaces are left ‘food safe’ on completion of a clean.

  • How long will it take?

We realise a kitchen is a busy and bustling place. We also know from our own experience working in the catering and hospitality industry, that closing a kitchen is sometimes just not an option.  We work around your needs, to ensure the minimal impact on your kitchen, which often can mean working through the night.  The time it will take really does depend on the condition and cleanliness, the size of the job at hand, and if we need to fit access panels to reach sections of the ducting, for example.  We aim to provide a time estimate for all our jobs, but we always work until the job is complete to our high standards.